Media Monitoring
Media Name : Pikiran Rakyat
Title : Komunikasi Pejabat dan Rakyat Harus Ditingkatkan
Page : 2
Writer : Sarnapi
Summary :

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Media Name : Kompas
Title : Kim Jong Un ke Bandung, Ridwan Kamil Grogi
Page : 22
Writer : Putra Prima Perdana
Summary :

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Media Name : Pikiran Rakyat
Title : Menuju Bandung Lebih Kreatif
Page : 1
Writer : Purwa
Summary :

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Media Name : Book Review
Title : The implementation of the program entitled “Strengthening the Institutional Aspect of the Local Government in Integrating CCA into Development Planning in Gorontalo District” has been completed for the duration of April 2016 – May 2017. The achieveme
Page : 118
Writer : Andrew Selee
Summary :

The most successful policy research efforts generally starts by setting forth clear objectives, then asking a series of follow up questions on what’s best for the organization, who are the key audiences and how to reach them, human resources, financial resources, and other resources needed during implementation, and how can the organization monitor its work and measure the generated impact.
The following are key questions that are often asked by think tanks successful in their policy researches.

1. What does the organization expect to achieve?
2. What can organizations with unique contributions do?
3. Who are the key audiences and how does the organization reach them?
4. What are resources needed by organizations and how can they develop them?
5. How does the organization evaluate the impact and what are the lessons learned?

The author of this book is successful in producing a book that is practical and easy to understand, especially for think tanks still in the organizational development phase. Not only that, the fundamental
principles described in this book can also refresh the minds of established think tanks, so that they can once more produce effective public policies that bring benefits to the people. It would be even better if
there are similar books that can examine think tank organizations outside of the Western world, so that we can take best practice examples from think tanks operating in a similar context to Indonesia, as a
developing country with extremely complex social development issues. 

In conclusion, this book is worth your time to obtain and read.