Inclusive Workforce Development Program

SINERGI is a program that strengthens coordination among stakeholders whose aim is to mainstream as many young, poor, and vulnerable people as possible, including those with disabilities, into the world of work or business.


SINERGI aims to create employment opportunities to reduce poverty and unemployment through efforts that improve access to employment information, job training, and employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, including people with disabilities, through strengthening coordination of inclusive employment development. The program involves youth, companies, and local governments. The phase 1 of SINERGi was implemented in 2018. 


To increase national level coordination in supporting inclusive employment development policy making. Also to improve coordination at the provincial level among government, training providers, low-income and vulnerable youth, and the business community to increase access for low-income and vulnerable youth to the world of work.


The phase 1 of SINERGI has been able to reach more than 6,000 young people in Central Java, empowering 16 youth groups (youth clubs, disabled communication forums, disabled friends communities, Ansor Organization, Fatayat NU organizations, etc.), involving more than 16 companies, and trained 445 young people from poor and vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities to be ready to enter the workforce or business.