Youth Engagement within Action Group (POKSI) on Inclusive Workforce in Central Java

Multi-party representatives in the workshop to form Inclusive Workforce POKSI in Central Java. (Photo: SINERGI)
Multi-party representatives in the workshop to form Inclusive Workforce POKSI in Central Java. (Photo: SINERGI)














In the meeting to establish Action Group (POKSI) on Inclusive Workforce in Central Java, on April 24, 2018, in Semarang, stakeholders representing the elements of local government, companies, youth, universities, media, and the community have agreed to provide wider space and opportunity to youth, so that they can participate more in SINERGI activities. One of the forms of this active youth engagement is done by determining the representation of youth within the Inclusive Workforce POKSI.

Referring to SINERGI work plan, the process and procedure to establish POKSI must fulfill the following basic principles:

a. Representation aspect, namely must consist of representatives from youth, companies, local government, universities, and media;

b. Participation aspect. Youth engagement in POKSI aims to improve the active participation of youth in order to voice their aspirations and needs in relation with inclusive workforce in Central Java; and

c. Empowerment aspect. Youth engagement is a manifestation of the use of PYD (Positive Youth Development) concept in SINERGI activities, and wider inclusive workforce development.

Youth engagement in POKSI received a positive response from the representative of TGUPP (Governor Team for Development Acceleration) of Central Java, Gunawan Wibisono, who said, “Youth representation in POKSI must be prioritized so that they have a better space and opportunity to voice their aspiration and needs related to inclusive workforce development.”

This highlights the commitment of Central Java Provincial Government in engaging youth as important actors in developing inclusive workforce. Their existence and involvement in POKSI activities are expected to improve the implementation quality of SINERGI activities, especially related to the following important agendas:

1. Developing manual for SINERGI’s Opportunity Fund;

2. Profiling 3P (Youth-Local Government-Companies) Consortia;

3. Proposal development and selection process for 3P Consortia and inclusive workforce research;

4. Conducting Monitoring and evaluation of Opportunity Fund; and

5. Implementing a number of SINERGI Major Events, such as Youth Festival, 3P dialogue, etc.


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