The MWRP or Municipal Waste Recycle Program is a collaborative stakeholder strengthening program that aims to produce long-term solutions for the district government in its commitment as a public service provider of waste management. The programme aims to encourage behavioural change in waste separation and recycling habits, as well as to strengthen the community in participating waste banks, with a goal of reducing waste in the region.


The MWRP aims to strengthen the waste management capacity of the Gowa Regency Government in South Sulawesi through the establishment of an "integrated waste bank" system facilitated by the UPTD Waste Bank.


(1) The operation of the UPTD Central Waste Bank in the Gowa Regency.

(2) The waste bank unit is fully operating with the active participation of the community.

(3) Increased awareness of local government and target communities of the waste bank system that has been established in the Gowa Regency.


(1) Evaluation results and recommendations aimed at strengthening the capacity of stakeholders to form a UPTD waste bank in the Gowa Regency.

(2) The development of learning modules that can be used as a reference for the Gowa Regency and others, based on the best practices of Makassar City.

(3) The establishment of UPTD waste bank system in Gowa Regency.

(4) The creation of 40 waste bank units and the revitalisation of another 10 waste bank units.

(5) Best practices from the Gowa Regency waste banks are shared with other cities and regencies, as well as higher levels of government.