Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Ministry announced that in 2016, it arrested 163 vessels that committed illegal fishing in a number of seas in Indonesia . The Ministry also busted 3,783 fishing vessels .

Sjarief Widjaja, an official at the Ministry on Friday said that the arrest of vessels committing illegal fishing has increased every year . The number of vessels arrested in 2016 increased from 108 vessels in 2015 and 38 vessels in 2014. Foreign vessels arrested are mostly from Vietnam (83 vessels), the Philippines (29 vessels) and Malaysia (26 vessels) .

Previously, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Minister Susi Pudjiastuti said in 2017, the Ministry would still focus on eradicating illegal fishing in order to boost security in the seas .

The Minister explained that the Ministry continues to focus on enforcing law and securing Indonesia’s seas . She added that eradicating illegal fishing is in line with the government’s mission to make the seas as the country’s future.