Jakarta plans to use its Smart City application to monitor illegally parked vehicles that frequently contribute to traffic congestion.

It is hoped the plan will also prevent parking officers from taking bribes from violators.

"We found many field officers asking for money from motorists who parked illegally. If they bribe parking officers, they are set free. I want to make an application in which all ticketing is reported," Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama said on Tuesday.

Because the Smart City app is already Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped, such a system could be launched this year, said Ahok, adding that it would be very difficult to monitor the thousands of parking violators and irresponsible officers without a functional system.

"With the application, all mayors, subdistrict heads and district heads in all municipalities will know the reports about illegal parking cases. If field officers tow any vehicles, they will be obliged to report them via the system. The violators will also be forced to pay the fine at a bank, not to officers," Ahok said. (bbn)