Chairman of the Committee on National Economy and Industry (KEI) Soetrisno Bachir said economic growth could reach 7 percent in 2019.

Indonesia has many natural resources and human resources to achieve the target, he said.

"If we have a national industry strategy roadmap that focuses on agribusiness, maritime, creative industries and tourism, we can achieve economic growth of 7 percent," said Soetrisno in Bogor on Sunday (14/8).

In addition, according to Sutrisno, the people’s mindset also needs to be changed in line with the implementation of the roadmap.

"We have inherited the mindset of people who do not love Indonesia. This roadmap will change the mindset of the love for foreign products into the love for domestic products," he added.

Sutrisno went on to say that the national industrial strategy roadmap that will be the benchmark for the government to bring welfare for the people through industrialization.

Improvement of social welfare will be faster with the acceleration of industrialization, he added.

Meanwhile, KEIN Vice Chairman Arif Budimanta said that to achieve economic growth of 7 percent, export growth should be higher than import growth.

"Exports should grow by at least 3 percent per year. In the meantime, imports should grow at the maximum of 2 percent per year. This is a strategy so the economy can grow by 7 percent," he said.