Chairman of the Employers' Association of Indonesia (Apindo) Hariyadi Sukamdani complained about a number of government policies considered to be counter-productive. Hariyadi asserted that such policies have proven to be nothing but barriers for businesses.

Some of the policies included in Apindo’s complaints include levies imposed on plastic shopping bags and carbonated beverages.

"These ideas were raised because [the government's] tax revenue declines. Hence, extra charges were imposed," Hariyadi said on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

Hariyadi also protested the government's plan to regulate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a new law. Hariyadi argue that CSR should be done voluntarily and not based on government instructions.

"CSR is voluntary, not mandatory. It's just silly," Hariyadi stated.

Hariyadi added that businesses will also suffer losses if the government decided to cut back on their budgets. Some of the sectors that will certainly be affected with budget cuts, according to Hariyadi, include infrastructure and hospitality industry.

Hariyadi set out an example where hotels experienced losses when State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy Chrisnandi issued a regulation banning officials from holding meetings in hotels.

In addition, infrastructure contractors responsible for ministry projects will suffer losses because of budget cuts.

"Contractors had bought materials, but they don't get paid. That is a disaster," Hariyadi said.