The JPIP Otonomi Award being presented to one of the winning districts, on the award ceremony night of JPIP award held at the Ballroom of Empire Palace Surabaya, 26 November 2014"
The JPIP Otonomi Award being presented to one of the winning districts, on the award ceremony night of JPIP award held at the Ballroom of Empire Palace Surabaya, 26 November 2014"
Surabaya, Transformasi—Sustainable development is the theme on the Seminar & Awarding Night of  JPIP Award 2014 for East Java Province, held at the Empire Palace Ballroom, Surabaya, on 26 November 2014. The concept of sustainable development has been conveyed several times by a number of prominent figures attending this activity, like Dahlan Iskan, Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo, Minister of Marine and Fishery Susi Pudjiastuti, Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) Yuddy Chrisnandi, Governor of East Java Soekarwo, US Consule General (Konjen) in Surabaya Joaquin F. Monserrate, and a number of regional heads in East Java.  

The objective of this activity, which has been held by JPIP since 2001, is to monitor the autonomy implementation at the district and city level, promote innovation, provide appreciation, and maintain the concept of sustainable development.

Previously, a seminar was conducted, in which many speakers attended, like Dahlan Iskan, Soekarwo, Deputy II of the Environmental Pollution Control Division of the  Ministry of Environment and Forestry  M.R. Karliansyah, and District Head of Bantaeng M. Nurdin Abdullah.

In this opportunity, Dahlan Iskan, who is the founder of JPIP, emphasized on developing and increasing quality, potential, and innovation at the local level, while building infrastructure. According to him, this will be able to attract the interest of investors, which in turn will trigger economic growth and labor absorption at the local level.

In line with what Dahlan Iskan said, Soekarwo conveyed that East Java Province has succeeded in creating various innovation. East Java has managed to maintain security and political stability to attract the interest of investors. This has placed East Java in a strategic position in the national economic potential map, which will lead to the improvement of competitiveness and the fall of unemployment rate and poverty. 

Innovation breakthrough is also done by the District Head of Bantaeng, South Sulawesi, M. Nurdin Abdullah. He realized that the local potential can be properly developed. For example in the agricultural sector. This is proven by creating a seed based local food independence and producing export quality fruits.

Talas from Bantaeng has penetrated the Japanese market. We also produce durian, dragon fruit, mangosteen, rambutan, even apple,” he said.

As he emphasized the importance of creativity and innovation at the local level, Nurdin, who was one of the keynote speakers during this opportunity, conveyed that Bantaeng used to be known as a remote area. But, with the correct formulation of local potential development, such as maximizing CSR funding and public private partnership pattern, that district has now become a new prime area in South Sulawesi. Because of such innovation and creativity, Nurdin is now known as the rising star from the eastern part of Indonesia.

In the agricultural sector, Bantaeng has created a seed based local food independence and produced export quality fruits, such as talas, that has penetrated the Japanese market. Easy access to licensing and land provision, Nurdin continued, were several factors that managed to attract investors to invest in his region.

Meanwhile, in the health sector, Bantaeng used to be known as an area with high mortality rate for pregnant mothers. But now, it has succeeded in reducing that number with the 113 ambulance service, which is always ready 24 hours to serve the people.

Regional Leadership Program

The Center for Public Policy Transformation or Transformasi, which was also present in the event, was very positive about the annual activity held by JPIP. The Program Director of Transformasi, Nazla Mariza, said that this activity can trigger and inspire regional governments in Indonesia to be more innovative in developing their region.

For Transformasi, its participation in the Seminar and Awarding Night of JPIP Autonomy Award 2014 is to establish network and map districts that are visionary and innovative in East Java.

“The presence of Transformasi is also to collect data on regional leaders who can potentially be included in the Transformasi – Regional Leadership Program in the future,” said Nazla. (BYS-Transformasi)

Nominations & Winners of JPIP Autonomy Award 2014

A. Grand Category – Gold Trophy


Main Category



Region with Prominent Breakthrough in the area of Public Service

Pacitan District


Region with Prominent Breakthrough in the area of Economic Development

Mojokerto City


Region with Prominent Profile of Local Political Performance

Banyuwangi District


 B. Special Category – Silver Trophy






Public Service Special Category:

  • Health Service

Blitar City, Probolinggo City, Mojokerto City, Surabaya City, Madiun City

Surabaya City

  • Education Service

Pasuruan District, Probolinggo District, Madiun District, Mojokerto City,  Surabaya City

Pasuruan District

  • Administration Service

Banyuwangi District, Pacitan District, Pasuruan City, Bojonegoro District, Sampang District

Pacitan District


Economic Development Special Category

  • Economic Growth

Lamongan District, Probolinggo District, Pasuruan District, Bojonegoro District

Bojonegoro District

  • Economic Equality

Pacitan District, Jember District, Tuban District, Lamongan District, Mojokerto City

Mojokerto City


Local Political Performance Special Category

  • Public Accountability

Kabupaten Pacitan District, Kabupaten Banyuwangi District, Kabupaten Bojonegoro District, Kabupaten Tuban District, Kota Surabaya City

Kabupaten Banyuwangi District

  • Public Participation

Blitar District, Probolinggo District, Mojokerto District, Lamongan District, Probolinggo City

Probolinggo District


Health Special Category

  • Reduction Mortality Rate of Mothers & Babies

Sidoarjo District, Pasuruan District, Nganjuk District, Magetan District, Ngawi District

Sidoarjo District

  • Promotion & Preventive Health Activities

Lumajang District, Batu City, Banyuwangi District, Sidoarjo District, Trenggalek District

Trenggalek District

  • Improvement of Creative & Rehabilitative Health Service

Tulungagung District, Gresik District, Bangkalan District, Kediri District, Ponorogo District

Ponorogo District


Environment & Sanitation Special Category

  • Environmental Management

Trenggalek District, Malang District, Ngawi District, Malang City, Probolinggo District

Probolinggo City

  • Community Based Total Sanitation

Probolinggo District, Jombang District, Bojonegoro District, Gresik District, Pamekasan District

Gresik District


Innovation Sustainability Special Category

  • Economic Development Section

Kabupaten Blitar District, Kabupaten Bondowoso District, Kabupaten Jember District

Kabupaten Jember District

  • Public Service Section

Pamekasan District, Pasuruan District, Lumajang District

Lumajang District

  • Political Performance Section

Madiun District