Climate Change News

As an initial step of the program to strengthen the institutional aspects of Gorontalo District Government to integrate climate change adaptation into the local development plan, Transformasi has organized a discussion forum, inviting observes and practicioners of climate change adaptation, with the following objectives:

  1. To obtain the latest information and technical inputs from observers and practicioners of climate change adaptation from various disciplines, including experts in meteorology and geophysics, agriculture and irrigation, etc, on the integration process of climate change adaptation in Indonesia: challenge, opportunity, and recommendation.
  2.  To build relationship in order to explore the possibility of further collaboration.

The event was conducted in the 2nd floor meeting room at the office of the Center for Public Policy Transformation, in Jalan Cipaku V no. 24, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru- Jakarta Selatan.

Participating observers and researchers from organizations, NGOs, and universities are from ICCTF, Mercy Corps, TNC, IESR,  BMKG, UNPAD, IPB and ITB.