General News

Jakarta, 24 August 2014— The opening of double train track for Jakarta-Surabaya route since last June 2014 has unlocked opportunities to improve economic growth in the northern coastal area of Java, especially in areas passed by the track. However, such opportunity will be wasteful if local governments are not proactive to utilize and prepare its supporting infrastructures.

That encouragement was stated by the Vice Minister of Transportation, Bambang Susantono, in Jakarta last week, during the coordination meeting to prepare for the seminar themed “Economic Opportunity of Double Train Track”. This seminar is a collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation, Rajawali Foundation, and the Center for Public Policy Transformation as the organizer, and will be held next Wednesday (27/8).

The double track is useful not only to speed up the travel time of people riding in trains, but also to haste the flow of goods and increase their capacity. Currently, Jakarta-Surabaya can be traversed with train in 8-10 hours, from previously 11-13 hours. This condition enables a better sharing of land transportation load in the Northern Coastal Road (Pantura). It is estimated that this track will reduce 30 percent of the load in Pantura, which has been the main road to deliver goods.

“Surely this will make things easier for the flow of goods and people. If we can use this well, the distribution of prime commodities in each of the area will be boosted. Their economic growth will definitely improve as well,” said Bambang.