Marine and Fisheries

The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) provincial administration said on Thursday that it was planning to cooperate with the Zhejiang provincial administration in eastern China to develop NTB’s maritime and fisheries sector.

The head of the province’s investment coordinating agency, Ridwansyah, said the plan had been initiated during the recent visit of NTB Governor Muhammad Zainul Majdi to China.

“The two provincial administrations signed a memorandum of understanding last week during our visit to China. It is possible for us to cooperate in several sectors, particularly in the maritime and fishery sector,” he said.

Ridwansyah said Zhejiang shared similar geographical traits and climate with NTB. The province, according to him, is also one of the country’s main producers of rice and fish products, making it a strategic partner for NTB to tap its potential in the maritime and fisheries sector.

The head of the province’s Maritime Affairs and Fishery Agency, Aminullah, said he had extensive talks with his counterpart in Zhejiang to discuss the details of such cooperation.

“They seem to be interested in several [sectors], including lobster farming. We are also offering other investment [opportunities], including those related to seafood processing,” he said. -