TOP 99 Inovasi Pelayanan Publik Indonesia

Acknowledgement Minister for Administrative and Bureaicracy Reform

The Idea for One Agency One Innovation initiative was not conceived overnight. it is a result of contremplations and learning processes and experiences on varius efforts to increase the qualitiy of public service in national and international level. it is not only an obligatiton to but also an obligation to increase their services expenetially, in trems of both quality and quantity and to structure and plan it well. with that in mind, in the end of year 2013, I issued Minister Decree No. 15 2013 concerning Public Service Innovation Contenst as one agenda in 2014 as Public Service Year.

Public Service Innovation Contest is an entry point in supporting One Agency One Innovation initiative. I am content that despite its short online registration time in January 2014, Public Service Innovation Contest 2014 had positive reception from Ministery/Agency and Local Goverments.  515 public service innovation programs were registered, and went into an objective, cridible and independent selection process. it is expected that process produce the best innovators.

I commissioned for the result of the selection, 99 programs in total, be summerized and catalogued in the form a book as form of our accountability to the society, becoming a learning material for the advancement of public service in Indonesia. With all gratitude to God, I welcome the release of this book, Top 99 Indonesia Public Service Innovation.

I would like to thank Prof. Eko Prasojo, Vice Minister for Administartive and Bureacracy Reform who contribute an enormous effort in the development of One Agency One Innovation movement. My acknowledgement is also directed to GIZ fot its cooperation with Deputy for Public Service Affairs in implemetating One Agency One Innovation Initiative. Las but not least, I would like to thank Transformasi (Center for Public Policy Transformation), under Mr. Ir. Sarwono Kusumaatmaja, former Minister for Administrative Reform 1988-1993, for their assistance in the releasse of this book Top 99 Indonesia Public Service Innovation and for thier support in other programs in the efforts to advance Public Service Innovation in Indonesia.