Reposisi Politik Pertanian, Meretas Arah Baru Pembangunan

“Reposisi Politik Pertanian” is an important contribution to our understanding of agricultura`l policy by three of Indonesia’s leading scholars of agricultural development. The book calls for the formulation of a “new and effective Agriculture Politics” to reverse the trend towards agricultural involution, land-grabbing, rising food imports and stagnant productivity. 

The authors discuss the application of Blue Economy principles to raise production, create jobs, increase farm incomes and protect the environment. Government must redirect spending on fertilizer and seed subsidies to investment in infrastructure and human resource development.

Professor Dr. Sjarifudin Baharsjah, is a former Minister of Agriculture, Independent Chair of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Council and Chairman of the Board of the International Rice Research Institute. Professors Faisal Kasryono and Effendi Pasandaran are widely published scholars of agricultural development and have also held various leadesrhip roles in the Ministry of Agriculture and in research and academic institutions.

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