Press Release

Gorontalo – Head of Climate Change Adaptation Working Group (Pokja API) and the expert team of the 

Gorontalo – Head of Climate Change Adaptation Working Group (Pokja API) and the expert team of the Center for Public Policy Transformation today (22/9) presented the result of climate change vulnerability and risk assessment to Gorontalo District Head Nelson Pomalingo, and Head of Commission I of the Local People’s Representative of Gorontalo District Hendra Abdul. According to results of the previous Pokja meeting, the climate change adaptation issue will be included in the working unit’s work plan (Renja SKPD) and the working unit’s activity plan and budget (RKA SKPD) 2017.

Transformasi’s Climate Change Researcher, Dr. Armi Susandi, stated that there are four climate change vulnerability in Gorontalo District, namely flood, drought, landslide, and epidemic and disease. There are 27 flood prone areas, 23 landslide prone areas, 41 drought prone areas, and 10 epidemic and disease prone areas.
Geographically, the central part of Gorontalo District tends to be prone to flood because of its lower topography and relatively high rainfall. Landslide vulnerability occurs in the northern and southern part area due to their steep slopes and unstable soil. Drought varies in all areas of Gorontalo District, following the rainfall pattern every year. Each area is expected to watch for the spread of epidemic and disease during the transition of rain to dry season.

Each vulnerable area requires a different adaptation action. Flood prone areas such as Bakti, Toyidito, and Pulubala, needs structural adaptation action like river levee reinforcement, river management, and drainage repair. Meanwhile, Labanu, Buhu, and Toyidito needs flood management from the upstream area.
For non-structural activities, the proposed activities are developing the supervision information system, early warning, and site and smartphone-based flood vulnerability. Through education and environmental office, climate change adaptation actions are suggested to be included in the curriculum and education material in school.

The increasingly real climate change impact has made Gorontalo District Head, Nelson Pomalingo, prioritize the implementation of climate change adaptation activities in the Local Government Work Plan (RKPD) 2017, and formulate SKPD joint plan. The District Head also expects a partnership between the government and private sector in the form of funding climate change adaptation activities in Gorontalo District.

“Increasing vulnerability will impact the economic growth in Gorontalo District. Therefore, it is a necessity to include climate change adaptation issue in the Local Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2016-2021, and integrate it into the annual development planning document, namely the Local Government Work Plan (RKPD) 2017.

Executive Director of the Center for Public Policy Transformation, Juni Thamrin, added that what Gorontalo District is doing shows the commitment of the national government, in this case Bappenas and KLHK, and the local government, in conducting climate change adaptation actions. Let us not forget that Indonesia will participate in COP 22 in Marrakesh on November 2016. Juni hopes that this event can serve as a promotion media for local leaders’ success in initiating climate change actions.