Press Release

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is vulnerable to climate change. Increasing sea surface temperature will automatically alter rainfall pattern and intensity, causing floods and long dry seasons. This will clearly impact the people’s means of livelihood and local economic development.

As mentioned in the vulnerability assessment prepared by Climate Change National Board (DNPI) in Gorontalo Province, Gorontalo District is the most vulnerable region to climate change with the lowest capacity. Meanwhile, institutional capacity of the local government and community to adapt to climate change adaptation is low.

Therefore, since the last several months, Transformasi has conducted a climate risk assessment at the Gorontalo District level, with the help of the researcher team, and provided technical assistance for Gorontalo District Government in local development planning in Gorontalo District.

This program was held in cooperation with The Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) and Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF).
With the integration of Climate Change Adaptation action plan into the local development planning document in Gorontalo District, going forward it is expected that this district can be the learning and reference center for other local governments in Indonesia to integrate Climate Change Adaptation into the local development plan.