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The District Head of Gorontalo on the Issue of Climate Change Adaptation in COP22 Morocco

Bupati Gorontalo COP22
Bupati Gorontalo COP22
Marrakech, 9 November 2016 – The District Head of Gorontalo, Nelson Pomalingo, stated that local leaders cannot afford to solely rely on the national government to reduce greenhouse gas emission in anticipating for the impact of climate change. He mentioned this during the session of Empowering Innovation and Enhancing Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development in COP22, Marrakech, Morocco, Wednesday (9/11).

In his speech, The District Head of Gorontalo said that Gorontalo District Government recognizes the impact of climate change on the economic growth of his region, particularly to the agricultural sector. Therefore, it is imperative for Gorontalo District Government to integrate a climate change adaptation strategy into its Local Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of 2016-2021.

β€œIn facing climate anomaly, we have designed an environmentally friendly development plan that is expected to protect the social and economic lives of the community. In Gorontalo, its primary economic sectors are cattle breeding, agriculture, and fisheries, all of which rely on the supportive capacity of the environment,” added Nelson.

In front of participants from a number of countries, Nelson also asked all local leaders to share knowledge and best practices on climate change strategy to other areas, especially the ones with similar topography and issues. 

He also conveyed several other points in COP22 Morocco, one of which was that the climate change adaptation program he is implementing requires support from various parties, such as the national government, private sector, academics, and NGOs. Gorontalo District Government has conducted a number of initiatives to support this program, namely cleaning the environment, planting trees, and developing a disaster resilient Village. 

In addition to the District Head of Gorontalo, other local leaders also attended this annual UN climate change forum, including the District Head of Mempawah, Governor of West Kalimantan, Governor of South Sumatera, Governor of Central Kalimantan, Village Head of Merabu, and a number of other local leaders.

The Ministerial Expert Staff on Economic and Natural Resources Division of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Agus Justianto, said that the District Head of Gorontalo and his staff has successfully created a breakthrough by integrating climate change adaptation agenda into RPJMD