Press Release

According to the mandate in the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019, The Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) and ICCTF (Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund) cooperating with the Center for Public Policy Transformation (Transformasi), will conduct “Facilitation and technical assistance program to strengthen the institutional capacity of the local government in integrating climate change adaptation into the local development plan” in Gorontalo District.

Some of the outputs we expect from this program are: (1) a vulnerability assessment document for areas affected by climate change and climate change adaptation policy strategy in Gorontalo District; (2) the establishment of Climate Change Adaptation Working Group (Pokja) that will integrate climate change adaptation activities into local development planning documents, such as Local Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD), Local Government Work Plan (RKPD), and Strategic Plan/Activity and Budget Plan (Renstra/RKA SKPD).

We need the support and active role from stakeholders in Gorontalo District in order for this program and activity to be successful. Therefore, there needs to be coordination, synergy, and active participation from the national government, provincial government, district government, local people’s representatives (DPRD), universities, mass media, CSOs, and the people. (Juni Thamrin Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center for Public Policy Transformation).