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Gorontalo Regency
Gorontalo Regency
Limboto, February 7, 2017 – After integrating the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategy into local development planning documents (Local Intermediate Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2016-2021, Local Government Work Plan (RKPD) 2017, Work Plan (RENJA) of 9 Local Working Units (SKPD), and Work Plan and Budget (RKA) 2017), the Gorontalo District Government today (7/2) conducted socialization of this strategy to district/city governments throughout Gorontalo Province, at the hall of the Local Development Planning Office of Gorontalo Province.

This consultation, which was attended by the Technical Implementer for the Governor of Gorontalo, Zudan Arif Fakrullah, was expected to result in a commitment from the provincial government and encourage district/city governments throughout Gorontalo Province to replicate the initiative implemented by the Gorontalo District Government.

In addition to appreciating measures performed by the Gorontalo District Government, during this opportunity, Zudan also emphasized the importance of sustainability and synergy. “The Climate Change Adaption policy in Gorontalo District must consider the continuity of its regulations and the capacity of its local officials”, said Zudan, “Besides that, the climate policy needs synergy from the national to operational level, no longer between sectors or only being burdened to one institution”.

Zudan also stated that this synergy is relevant including in developing a Road Map for Conservation Provinces, considering that on December 5, the Minister of Environment and Forestry has established Gorontalo Province as a Conservation Province. Therefore, synergy among regions in environmental planning, including climate change, becomes crucial.

Meanwhile, Gorontalo District Head, Nelson Pomalingo, presented the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) action plan that has been developed by Gorontalo District for 2017. “In addition to the integration into RPJMD and RKPD 2017, we have budgeted 10,5% of our Local Budget (APBD) based on the environment and climate. For a more effective implementation, we encourage the village government to also allocate at least 10% of its Village Budget (APBDes) for environmental preservation,” explained Nelson.

The District Head also recognized the technical assistance provided by Transformasi, Bappenas, Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, to integrate CCA action plan into development. He would be expecting a synergy of CCA action plan with the provincial government, district/city government all over Gorontalo, and village government and the community.

Executive Director of the Center for Public Policy Transformation, Santi Evelyna, extended her appreciation for its good partnership with Gorontalo District Government. “We are pleased to have helped Gorontalo District Government to formulate its CCA policy. We hope to continue to support Gorontalo District Government, Gorontalo Provincial Government, and their neighboring regions in encouraging the replication of CCA policy in other areas for a wider impact,” added Santi.

This activity was also attended by the Head of Subdirectorate for Local Governmental Affairs Synchronization of the Directorate of Local Development of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), Ala Baster, who elaborated on a set of regulations at the national level that serve as reference for the local level to mainstream climate change into their planning aspect.

“Currently MOHA is revising the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 13/2006 on Local Financial Management to accommodate activities & funding for mitigation and adaptation actions at the local level,” explained Ala Baster, “After the Regulation revision is completed, the Local Government is expected to explicitly make climate change program and budget”.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), represented by the Head of Subdirectorate for CCA Planning of MoEF, Syaiful Anwar, also participated in this event. Syaiful socialized the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation P.33/2016 on the Guideline to Develop CCA Strategy, containing technical steps in integrating CCA. These steps include preparing climate vulnerability and risk assessment, establishing implementer team, making adaptation options and priorities, and integrating them into planning documents.


About the Center for Public Policy Transformation (Transformasi)
The Center for Public Policy Transformation (Transformasi) was established in 2014, with a commitment to build the awareness of public policies, particularly at the local level, to address critical issues, deepen understanding, and promote knowledge and facts as the basis for a more effective decision making.
Transformasi’s vision is “To achieve a better public policy making in Indonesia”. To attain this vision, Transformasi is strongly committed to accomplish its missions to:

1. Promote high quality collaborative studies involving the government, public, and domestic and international partners;
2. Strengthen active knowledge networks between policy makers, academics, and community at the national and local level to promote evidence-based policy making;
3. Encourage lessons learned, best practices, and capacity building related to policy making among stakeholders;
4. Improve the capacity of policy makers to develop an effective policy communication strategy.

About CCA Working Group
Climate Change Adaptation Working Group (Pokja API) was formed at the early stage of the program between Gorontalo District Government and Transformasi. Pokja API was established through the District Head Decree Number 457/04/VII/2016 on the Establishment of Climate Change Adaptation Working Group of Gorontalo District. Pokja API has 22 members representing elements of local government, university, and community. The main duty of Pokja API is to formulate climate change adaptation strategy/action plan, and integrate it into the local development planning document (RPJMD, RKPD, RENJA SKPD, and RKA).

Fund Allocation from 2017 Local Budget (APBD) – For Climate Change Activities
(Source: Local Budget Draft of Gorontalo District, Nov 25, 2016)


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Education Office



Program for Healthy Environment Development

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Program for Communicable Disease Prevention & Management

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