Transformasi supports the strengthening coordination among stakeholders whose aim is to increase access to quality training and job opportunities in order to provide poor and vulnerable youth, including people with disabilities and women to find better jobs.

Through a consortium with the Rajawali Foundation, Transformasi has implemented the SINERGI (Strengthening Coordination for Inclusive Workforce Development in Indonesia) Program in Central Java Province in 2017-2020.

SINERGI is a part of the USAID and Key Partners initiative program that aims to strengthen coordination of inclusive employment development policies in Central Java through the establishment of inclusive workforce of POKSI (Action Groups). POKSI responsibilities were formulating and implementing innovative action plans with inclusive workforce activities that offer partnership and collaboration mechanisms based on the 4P pillars (Youth, Companies, Local Governments, and Job Training Institutions) in a participatory, transparent, responsive, and action-oriented manner to improve information access of job opportunities, job training, and connecting youth with work industries.

SINERGI’s target group or beneficiaries are youth or productive age group between 18 to 34 years old, prioritized from underprivileged families or households, women, and other vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, and other excluded groups. SINERGI phase 1 (2018) has provided job training and internship to 423 underprivileged and vulnerable youth, of which 134 have found better jobs after participating in job training and internship program. SINERGI phase 2 (2019-2020) has improved access to job information for 16,000 youth, job training and internship for 2,000 youth, as well as providing better job opportunities for 1,600 youth from all over Central Java.

In order to achieve the above target, SINERGI supports activities initiated by the Central Java’s POKSI Inclusive Workforce, as well as establishing strategic partnerships with Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), both within the Central Java Provincial government, as well as district/city governments, youth organizations/associations, companies, Job Training Center/Job Training Institute (BLK/LPK), village governments, universities, media, and other stakeholders. To encourage the strengthening coordination of inclusive employment development in Central Java, SINERGI uses two work approaches, including Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and a Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach.