Program Kerja


In collaboration with the Peduli Negeri Foundation (YPN), Transformasi and YPN has implemented the Strengthening Coordination Aspects and Local Government Capacity in Waste Management (SOBAT) Program in South Sulawesi. This program is part of the Municipal Waste Recycling Management Program (MWRP) which has been supported by the USAID and Gowa Regency since 2019.

The overall objective of this program is to strengthen the coordination and capacity of local government in waste management in Gowa Regency using the experience and best practices of Makassar City. This program adopts waste management policies in Makassar City. The waste management approach in Makassar City is used as a reference to support more inclusive community – government – private sector in Gowa Regency.

The program also supports existing waste banks and facilitates the establishment of pilot waste bank at the community level to build wider community participation, particularly women and youth regarding waste management. Makassar City was chosen as an example because this city has succeeded in developing an integrated waste management system, encouraging massive behaviour changes of its citizens on waste, and transforming the image of the city to be cleaner and greener. Makassar City is no longer part of metropolitan cities that tend to have negative image on waste disposal, clogging rivers and polluting coastal areas. Thus, this program not only adopts a waste management policy, but also expect the positive changes of waste management in Gowa Regency.

The implementation of this program is also to actualize the mandate of Law No.18 of 2008 on Waste Management which states that "Waste is a national problem that its management needs to be carried out in a comprehensive and integrated manner from upstream to downstream in order to provide economic benefits, healthy for the community, and safe for the environment, as well as change people's behaviour”. Comprehensive waste management requires clarity of responsibility and authority of the central and local governments, as well as community role and the business sector.